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Is Your Mind Bursting?

"Would you like to reduce your STRESS & Sleep Peacefully so that you can Develop a Sense Of Belonging in YOUR Relationships?”

  • If you’re looking for a relief from your bursting mind and crave sense of belonging in your relationships, then peaceful sleep is a must for you to get up refreshed next day to be fully present in your relationships.
  • Clearing all the negative energies you attract in this digital age from Electronics plus your High Stress Environments is absolute must for you to have peace of mind and clear aura to feel good about yourself.
  • Our energies is like an Electric Current and it flows. What people don’t realize is that when it’s blocked and not in Free Flowing State, It’s creating all sort of blockages in our body & mind.
  • This adds more stress and creates overwhelm, thus increasing mental chatter which leads to more reactivity whether external or internal!
  • Energies are changing on the planet and we’re all attracting negative entities with our high vibrations, which is adding more to your plate to deal with!
  • If you want to clear your aura for more energetic YOU and have calm relaxed mind, experience peaceful sleep and have fulfilling relationships by being fully present with your loved ones, then these  Deep Sleep Audios and Reactivity To Receptivity Report is must for you.



Clients Personal Letter For The Program (Names Removed For Confidentiality)

Testimonial 1


After going through this program I was quite amazed to know that 90% of what I was doing were the things I didn’t like to do and which didn’t give me any results.

I couldn’t believe that only 10% of my work was actually productive and was responsible for 90% of my results that I was getting!!!

I’m still not able to believe that the work which was creating lots of stress for me was the work which was quite unproductive and I should have delegated to my team earlier and focused my entire efforts on the things which would have taken my business far ahead by now!

This clarity alone was worth the investment of this program.

Along with clarity came the realization of why I have always felt the resistance to delegating the work to my team & clearing the unproductive stuff off my plate so that I could concentrate and put my focus solely on those activities which would have made my business grow by leap and bounds.

The realization shook me that my deepest trust issues were preventing me from delegating the work to my team as I didn’t believe that they could do the work as well as I did and all of this was coming from my childhood!

This first session alone was so powerful along with the pre-assessment you had provided.

In the following week as I went through my days, I started noticing the work which I was doing & could easily delegate to other people.

As I have started delegating more n more to my team, miraculously they have started opening to me about their this the side-effects you told us about, I wonder?

I have not been able to implement everything from this session as according to your instructions, I’m focusing on Only ONE THING at a time, but I’m already feeling entirely a different person already.

I’m more cleared & focused where to put my attention to and which are time wasters for me.

As for the 2nd session, I’m still reeling under the shock because of what I experienced as a result of the guided meditation you took us through.

So much has come up for me, so many avenues have opened up for me in every area-it’s incredible to say the least!

You’re one tough lady Smita. You give us straight talk with your no-nonsense approach & that hits quiet hard! I guess I needed your dose of truth very much, as you know very well people in my position never get to hear the real truth about us!

I still remember the day when you told me – “people who don’t listen to anybody, listen to me” and I thought “really?” What does she think who she is?

I’m laughing as I write this because you do have a way to make us hot headed strong individuals listen and really pay attention well to what you have to say!

I’m not easily impressed by people. People who are in my circle will have hard time believing if I tell them that I met this woman Smita who has earned my utmost respect. You know I don’t say things lightly. I mean very word of it.

Now, I’m really looking forward to your next program eagerly.

Warmest Regards,


Testimonial 2


Seriously Smita, it was all so hard to take in, that my anger issues, stress & unproductive behavior were all interlinked.

I was not even aware that there’s something called unproductive behaviors in relationships!

When I read your question-What is the result you want in your relationships? And “What unproductive behaviors you’re engaging in your relationships that are preventing you from your desired outcomes?” It hit me so hard as if someone had literally boxed me on my face!

It required me deep introspection and images flashed before my eyes and I could see it clearly what I was up to and how I was ruining my relationships with people I deeply cared about. No wonder people avoided having conversations with me & felt hurt by my behavior.

And here I was, thinking that I was going out of my way to make people happy and they didn’t appreciate me at all.

You rightly pointed out that when we’re so engulfed in our own world of chaos we hardly can ever notice what damage we’re creating to our relationships personally or professionally.

I knew about my painful past and how it has been haunting me but I was completely unaware about its impact on my present life.

Thank you so much for bringing clarity into my life and opening my eyes to new possibilities.

This is just the beginning…



Testimonial 3


It’s difficult to say which part of the program was most impactful.

From the beginning I had a feeling I was in deep waters and needed to learn to swim quick.

I think what I knew all these years about life and relationships were exact opposite to what you taught. Incredulous as it all may sound but they all made perfect sense and gave clarity about my life & mistakes I was making.

The best part of this program is- every tool you’ve given is very simple & doable but very effective.

I have invested a lot in my personal development but never came close to this kind of clarity in my life.

When I think of it now, it brings a smile to my face. Giving yourself permission to be as angry and as reactive as you can- who would have thought of it?

My reactivity was always a thing of shame to be acknowledged in my privacy, and yet you made it sound so simple as if it was not a big deal.

No matter how much I thank you, words won’t be enough to express the gratitude I feel towards you.

Take care,